Virtual Therapy

All Illinois-based counselors at Fash Counseling offer both in-person and virtual therapy, and several of our counselors offer virtual therapy in Arizona. While many clients prefer speaking to someone in-person, virtual therapy can be the best option for some people.

Here are the most common reasons clients may choose teletherapy:

  • Time and efficiency. If you want to start therapy but feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day as is, you might consider teletherapy. Teletherapy saves precious time you might spend commuting to-and-from your therapy appointment. You can participate in teletherapy anywhere that you have privacy and an internet connection. For some, that might look like “going” to a therapy session from the comfort of your office wellness room during a lunch break. Or perhaps talking to someone at home during your child’s sports practice, when you may not have enough time to drive to-and-from an appointment.


  • Transportation. Maybe you’re a family with one car, or the only time you can fit in a therapy appointment also happens to be during the dreaded rush hour. Either way, teletherapy removes that barrier.


  • Privacy. We take privacy very seriously at Fash Counseling, and your right to confidentiality is of the utmost importance. However, like at all counseling practices, we can’t guarantee you won’t bump into a friend or neighbor in the parking lot or waiting room. While we believe there is nothing shameful about taking care of your mental health, and support the normalization of mental healthcare, teletherapy does remove this concern altogether.


  • Convenience for college students. If you or your family member attend a university that isn’t nearby, you may wonder how a college student can maintain a consistent relationship with the same counselor year-round. Teletherapy is an excellent option for college students who only come home for summers off and school breaks, because it allows you to maintain a relationship with your counselor even if you’re a few hours away. Please note that there are licensing restrictions when it comes to where our clients are located, which is why we can only see clients located in Illinois (all) or Arizona (Jenna Fash) at the time of your appointment.


  • Access for remote patients. Maybe you live in a remote area without local counseling services. Or, maybe you just live in an area that doesn’t have enough counselors to meet community needs. Anyone in the state of Illinois (all counselors) or Arizona (Jenna Fash) can receive quality, compassionate care through Fash Counseling.


  • Accessibility. Teletherapy is more accessible to people who struggle with mobility. Both physical disabilities and mental health conditions can make going to in-person therapy a challenge. While many people have resumed their “pre-COVID” lives, those with compromised immune systems often feel safer participating in appointments like therapy remotely.


Teletherapy requirements

All you need to participate in teletherapy are:

  • A quiet, private location
  • A secure and stable internet connection
  • A device capable of capturing high-quality video and audio

If you’d like to try teletherapy for any reason, please give us a call or contact us.