Divorce Mediation

Compared to litigation, divorce mediation is affordable, time effective, amicable, and private. Many types of people can be divorce mediators, including divorce lawyers or just people who are trained in divorce mediation.

Jenna Fash is both a Licensed Divorce Mediator and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, making her uniquely qualified to help her clients navigate highly stressful life events like divorce. Jenna’s goal in divorce mediation is to help both parties feel like they’re walking away with a fair and just arrangement. As a mediator, Jenna doesn’t give advice, but instead helps spouses formulate ideas that can lead to long-standing agreements.

Over the course of six years, Jenna has helped more than fifty families reach agreements on:

  • Custody and parenting time
  • Equitable distribution of property
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

Rather than subject her clients to an emotionally draining marathon of negotiations, Jenna meets with divorce mediation clients once a week for one hour each session.

At the end of the process, Jenna will draft a Memorandum of Understanding which clients must then bring to court to obtain a divorce.