Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a year or you’ve been married for more than fifty, Fash Counseling helps all kinds of couples improve their relationships.

When couples should seek counseling

Couples counseling can help your relationship or marriage if you or your partner:

  • Want to communicate more effectively
  • Are feeling indifferent or bored with your relationship
  • Want to regain trust after an affair, cheating, or other unfaithful act
  • Need help working through a major life transition like marriage, a child, a major move, or becoming empty nesters
  • Feel constantly irritated by your partner
  • Repeatedly argue about the same thing
  • Want to work through a major life challenge like health issues, infertility, the loss of a loved one, challenges with in-laws, or unemployment
  • Are struggling with emotional and/or physical intimacy
  • Disagree about parenting decisions

Marriage counseling and couples therapy at Fash Counseling

At Fash counseling, our counselors act as neutral third-parties to help couples speak openly in a safe environment about what is disrupting their relationship. The goal of couples counseling is to give you and your partner the tools to communicate openly, solve problems, and discuss differences productively.

If you think your relationship or marriage could benefit from couples counseling, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more. We’ll be happy to match you with the best counselor for your needs.