About Fash Counseling

I’m Jenna Fash, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Divorce Mediator, and founder of Fash Counseling. After years of working in private practice, I was inspired to start my own practice in September of 2017. A longtime resident of Bolingbrook, I was eager to open up a practice in the community I call home.

Fash Counseling provides individual, group, family, and couples therapy in addition to divorce mediation. We have a diverse group of counselors with expertise ranging from child and teen therapy to Brainspotting. Unlike many practices, my team and I work with a wide range of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, dissociative disorders, psychotic disorders, and severe trauma. Whether a client is struggling with general anxiety or borderline personality disorder, we’re here to support you on your journey of growth and healing.

As the word about Fash Counseling has spread, my small practice of one has grown to nine counselors in just five years. As a small woman-owned business, I’m passionate about giving back to the community through mental health education and advocacy. You’ll often see me visiting local schools and organizations educating people on topics related to mental health and mental health professions. If you’re interested in having me or one of my team members visit your classroom or organization, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jenna Fash headshot